Waggin’ Train Dog Treat Reviews

The following posts were taken from Waggin’ Train Dog Treats Facebook fan page. I have not edited any posts. Waggin’ Train, LLC. is good at deleting comments from their Facebook fan page, so you may or may not be able to match these reviews up.

* Entry updated on 02/14/2012.

Carla | 02/19/2012

Please explain to my 2 Corgi’s why you made them sick?. I would never ever harm or poison a animal I am sorry I trusted in your brand and I will never again. That is cruel.

Storm | 02/19/2012

Waggin Train aka Canyon Creek Ranch aka Purina aka Nestle: You’ve done it, I am convinced – to never feed my dogs anything you manufacture ever again. In December I bought Waggin Train PBJ With Chicken Jerky as a Christmas treat for my dogs. I opened the bag a few days before Christmas. I read the feeding directions, and followed them. By January 5th, my 6 month old Corgi was at the Vet’s fighting for her life. At the same time, my two older Labs showed signs of illness as well. More than 6 weeks later, they are recovering but still not back to full health. I’m now feeding my dogs a raw meat diet, natural wholesome food with no mystery ingredients, and the pet food industry will never have another penny from me.

Lori | 02/17/2012

My dogs were lucky, they got to the ER in time, they were able to save them both. This is sweet Maggie being taken from the ER to her regular Dr. to continue treatment…. I have two young dogs, both healthy, up to date on all their vetting, they get organic,locally made kibble and I made the horrible mistake of giving them chicken wrapped treats…..everything changed in a matter of days. Please take responsibility for what you are doing to the beloved pets of so many people!

Ashley | 02/16/2012

My dog ate 2 Waggin Train chicken treats a few days ago and in the middle of the night I heard the sound of him choking and vomiting. Shot out of bed to see him vomiting on the floor. He finally stopped and what did I find? Small chunks of your treats in piles of puke. He got sick without even fully digesting them. And he’s not tiny – he’s 60 some pounds. Come to find out your treats are DEADLY! Wow, you should be ashamed of yourselves. Killing animals, not offering apologies and refusing to issue a recall! Insanity!!!!

Marinda | 02/16/2012

Thank you everyone for your post! My husband got some waggin train for our kids and I have one that is so sick and wont eat, so I started reading trying to find out what could be making her sick. I just tossed out 4 large bags of these wishing I could get my money back, but just glad to know what is making my kids sick!!!

Brooke | 02/19/2012

ONE treat and my dog is sick. I feel irresponsible as a pet owner not researching and seeing what garbage these treats are. I fed my dog these about 6 months ago and noticed he got diarrhea (luckily, it was never more serious than mild diarrhea). I stopped the treats and switched to pupperoni (which IS made in america) and no issues for 6 months now. I contacted your company to inquire about it and I was informed that this was UNUSUAL, that I must be overfeeding. I should have done a simple google search and seen the TRUTH. Your company sent me a free product coupon and I was dumb enough to buy the pork treats with chicken liver filling. I gave my dog one earlier today and he is already acting like he did before, a little shaky and diarrhea. Hopefully, it does not become more serious. I just threw 4 bags of these treats away and have posted on several blogs that reach thousands of people about these dangerous treats and know someone rather high up in walmart and am contacting them tomorrow to discuss getting these products off the shelf. I am just praying that my puppy does not get to feeling any worse. Poor baby. Shame on your company, how you even sleep at night is beyond me. Someday you will have to answer for all the lives you have taken.

Kristina | 02/12/2012

Our puppy is so sick after eating Waggin Trails! We hope she makes it. Keep your fingers crossed and dont buy this brand!!! We will put all of our time and money into trying to pinpoint whats in these treats that is killing people’s family members!

Jo Ann | 02/12/2012

My dog is sick from your treats too, how dare you sell these toxic treats………….Beware animals lovers……………

Julie | 02/10/2012

My dog died after I gave her these and she got deathly I’ll . You should be ashamed of yourselves for continuing to sell this poison!!

Sallie | 02/07/2012

Thanks for killing my son’s dog.

Lori | 02/07/2012

Within 4 days I had my two dogs at the ER (different times) with vomiting & bloody diarrhea, young dogs up to date on all medical care and the ONLY change was that they began eating the Waggin Train peanut butter & chicken jerky treats (from Sams) a couple days before… I wish there was a way to get the treats analyzed. Anyone know if you can send the treats for the FDA for testing?

Avril | 02/04/2012

my dog died from this product-canyon creek ranch aka waggin train

Jo Ann | 02/03/2012

These treats almost killed my dog, made in china, toxic toxic toxic!

Barbara | 02/02/2012

Taking my dog to vet as soon as I finish this. Ollie 15 year old yorkie who was sick all night. Throw up, excessive water drinking & urination, lethargy, hunched over, stomach hard. This happened before and I thought it might be the treats, maybe not digesting in his gut, so I quit giving them to him and he got better, by accident someone had given his one that was still in his treat box and the same reaction. When I called the company they said no one else had this problem and to throw the bag away….then I did a Google search and found thousands of people complaining…I filed a complaint with www.safetyreporting.hhs.gov I urge everyone to follow suit…what I’ve read and understand that the product has been tested and they cannot find anything wrong…I find that hard to believe !!

Kayle | 02/02/2012

and this is all i have left of my baby cuz of your chicken jerky treats

Click here to view the picture she posted.

Barb | 02/01/2012

I have been buying your Jerky treats & Cowboy Steaks from Costco as a treat for my Golden Retriever. I always have a few pcs in my pocket when we walk. I decided to try your PBJ as well. I break them in 1/2. Every time I have given him a 1/2 pce he vomits up EVERYTHING in his stomach!! I have read the ingredients on the packaging, but WHAT else is in these???? I also NOW see they are a product of China!! How do I go about getting my money back on this nearly full 1.13Kg/40oz. bag of PBJ????????? Dogs can digest ALL sorts of things, but there is something VERY BAD in this product!! I will not be buying these again. Now I see on here where ppl’s pets have died because of your products?!?!?!!!!

Diane | 01/27/2012

You should be pulling your products off the shelves immediately. I only give my dogs one treat at a time. One dog was vomitting and the other one started having seizures. I will NEVER purchase this product or anything else from Waggin Train again. I’m not sure China is really saving your company money?????

Shannon | 01/27/2012

These treats just killed my mother’s bulldog at 6 young years. How do you people sleep at night?

Michelle | 01/27/2012

I am currently working with the FDA on your product and the ill effect it had on my little pug Gracie Mae. She was perfectly healthy until she started eating your product-We had to put her down the day before Thanksgiving. Your excuse that she was given too many treats at one time and that is why she got sick is really pathetic. What a disgrace to even have a facebook page advertising your posionous treats.

Kayla | 01/23/2012

Exactly 2 months ago today i gave all 4 of my dogs your chicken jerky treats for the first time! One was my 9 year old healthy happy AKC Australian shepherd VENUS! She got sick that night she only eat one and in very small sizes! she was vomiting and drinking excessive amounts of water! that next morning we called the vet and took her in! I then remembered i heard that chicken jerky treats from china were killing dogs! I put two and two together and after spending the night at the vet we got the call that Venus had a slow and painful night of bleeding to death! that morning when i went to see her i knew right away this is all your fault! How can you continue to sell these treats! how can you continue to work at this place! You must not have dogs! How can you look at all these dogs and not want to kill yourself?

Kali | 01/18/2012

My dog died today because of these stupid dog treats. that was the sweetest dog i have met in my entire life. its not fair. she suffered for 3 weeks because of them. dont you think you should do something about it? i know shes not the only one that this has happened to..

Rhonda | 01/15/2012

This is our Rebel, he is and was our heart and soul! You took his life today! You tried to save your company a buck and you took our family member from us! Look at him, look at the light in those eyes, that was the light of life, the eyes of love for his family. You took that away today, there is no longer light in those eyes just a huge hole in our heart and pain! You can’t give him back to us, is it really worth buying from China? Is it really worth buying a deadly product knowing you are are killing a family member, my family member? Explain WHY? Explain it , explain it to all is us!

Renee | 01/15/2012

These were my mom and dad’s girls. One died in June and the other last week. They loved these treats!!! They were only two and three years old. These treats must be removed from the shelves!!!!!

Candace | 01/14/2012

I changed my profile pic to show Penny the puppy who got sick from eatting the chicken jerky treats. Her one number came back high at the hospital yesterday when she went in for a recheck. Penny came home Wednesday and because the one number was higher yesterday she needs to return Monday for another recheck unless she becomes sick this weekend.

Kara | 01/12/2012

Well it’s looks like we might have to put my dog Sampson down cuz of these treats. It’s so sad knowing that there are ppl out there that could care less about wat we give our animals. I wish this company would stop acting like these treats are good for dogs when clearly they’re not. Understand what’s been done, and accept it. We dont need anymore dogs dying from this. These dogs are family to us and loosing them is devastating. I don’t want to be scared everytime I feed my dog. These products need to be taken off the shelves ASAP!!! And justice needs to be served!!!

Cathy | 01/11/2012

OMG my dog died last month with the same thing and ate the treats, I’m calling my lawyer tomorrow.

Candace | 01/11/2012

I wanted everyone to know that the puppy Penny came home tonight, she needs to go back to the hospital on Friday for testing to make sure her levels don’t climb back up. I thank you all for your prayers and I will continue the fight to get justice for Chansey my Pug.

Dawn | 01/11/2012

My dog is a vet right now with symptoms of Fanconi syndrome, linked to chicken jerky treats made in China. Waggin Train should be ashamed of themselves!!!! Advertising themselves as a US company, and putting chicken from China in their treats. Disgusting!!! and karma is on its way to them!!!

Tami | 01/11/2012

Just heard about this. What are the symptons of kidney failure? My little one has been acting strange lately and the only treats I give him are these.

Terry | 01/10/2012

My dog Sampson is in the animal hospital RIGHT NOW with kindey failure. He has been eating these treats for a good while now! He is an otherwise completely healthy fox terrier, and we were baffled by this sudden illness. I JUST heard about this link, and haven’t been able to tell the doctors yet. Please help me to help my dog – now, please!

Candace | 01/09/2012

I’ve lost one dog a pug named Chansey back on November 14th with kidney failure and my new 5 month old puppy named Penny is in the hospital with kidney failure, the only thing the two had in common was Waggin Train Chicken jerky treats.

Belinda | 01/05/2012

I caught my dogs symptoms early. My dogs have loved the chicken jerky treats for over a year. Read the stories beginning about a month ago, but my dogs were okay so I just kept it in the back of my mind. Opened a brand new bag from Sam’s Club this past Monday. Within 6 hours, my oldest dog, Blackie, began drinking 1 bowlful of water approx every 30-45 mins. Not normal for her. Stopped the treats after reviewing the systems. Still going on today and called my vet. She was not familiar with FDA warning. After reviewing it, she wanted me to bring Blackie to her to check her out. Thankfully tests came back normal. While some haven’t been able to directly relate their dogs issues to the treats, my dogs problems were! She was completely fine before I opened this new bag. Will never by them again! I also filed report with the FDA.

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