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After posting on the Waggin’ Train Dog Treats Facebook fan page, one of their representatives requested that I call them, which I did. This was the second time that I spoke with them. The first was the night our Yorkie died.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Michelle.

I asked Michelle if she read all of the negative posts and horror stories on their Facebook fan page and Amazon product reviews and she gave me a simple “yes”.

After asking her question and after question, she eventually asked me for my “information” so that she can submit a claim for Benny’s medical bills. I told her that I would not take money from them, I wouldn’t even consider it.

I asked Michelle a few more questions about consumer complaints and she basically told me that it’s a numbers game. I quote, “If one dog out of hundreds dies from our products, it’s not enough for the FDA to recall it or for us to do anything about it.“. I then questioned her about her comment and she apologized for implying that it doesn’t matter if dogs die. It was too late, she already implied it.

I have my full conversation with them recorded but until I speak with my attorney about it, I will not post it. Assuming he tells me that I can, I will.

Just so there is no confusion, Canyon Creek Ranch Brand and Waggin’ Train, LLC. are the same company.

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