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This blog is to inform readers about the death of our beloved Yorkie after consuming “chicken jerky” made by Canyon Creek Ranch Brand, a company of Waggin’ Train, LLC.

On January 9th 2012, we purchased Canyon Creek Ranch Brand * Wholesome * Chicken Breast Tenders Snack from PetSmart in Huntington Station, New York.

We gave our Yorkie and Labrador no more than 1 treat daily over the course of a week. Based on the consumption chart on the back of the package, our Yorkie could have consumed up to 6 pieces daily and Labrador, 12. We didn’t come close.

The week of the 16th was a disaster. Our Labrador had severe diarrhea but the Yorkie seemed fine. We started treating the Labrador with medication from the vet for his diarrhea and we stopped giving both dogs the Canyon Creek Ranch Brand * Wholesome * Chicken Breast Tenders Snack.

On January 20th our Yorkie became very depressed and was not active. On the 22nd, he stopped eating all together. He was taken to the vet immediately. Benny wasn’t the type of dog to just sit around or not eat so we knew something was wrong right away.

There he was hospitalized and we were told he was having acute kidney failure, which he was being treated for.

On January 27th, our Yorkie died.

I do not think it’s coincidental that days after I introduced Canyon Creek Ranch Brand * Wholesome * Chicken Breast Tenders Snack to both of my dogs, they both became very ill and one died two weeks later.

I am not here to tell you that Canyon Creek Ranch Dog Treats and Chews killed my dog. I am here to tell you that I had 2 dogs that were very healthy and never had any health problems until they consumed Canyon Creek Ranch Brand * Wholesome * Chicken Breast Tenders Snack. That was the only “change” in their diet, period. I am also here to tell you that my 6 year old Yorkie died 2 weeks after consuming Canyon Creek Ranch Brand * Wholesome * Chicken Breast Tenders Snack.

I did call Canyon Creek Ranch Brand at (877) 376-0101 and they insisted that I substituted the treats for a “normal diet”. That didn’t happen. My dogs ate their food on a daily basis, just like that had been for years. Nothing changed.

I questioned them about the FDA advisory issued about “tainted chicken jerky” from China, in which their company was mentioned. She told me that the advisory was only to warn consumers that chicken jerky products should not be substituted for a balanced diet. One thing is for sure, she was not shocked about my story; my mentioning of acute kidney failure, diarrhea or death. All of her answers were robotic, she was not sympathetic at all.

I also called PetSmart in Huntington Station, New York and the manager told me that they could not remove the products from the shelves until “corporate” told them to do so.

After a lot of research, I have put together a list of articles, warnings and other stories that all sound the same.

Had I known about this sooner, I would have never purchased Canyon Creek Ranch Brand * Wholesome * Chicken Breast Tenders Snack.

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  1. Wow.. I am panicking I have a 6 yr old yorkie ( she is my baby)she has been staying alot with my parents due to my work hours and this last week she stayed with me for 1 week tues april 3 2012 – tues April 10 2012 she had Canyon creek ranch brand chicken treats the first 3-4 days then she wouldn’t eat her food couldn’t go poo was throwing up bile multiple times a day and twice a night was drinking lots of water was sad (and also wouldn’t eat her treats ??) and just wanted me to hold her & went diarrhea ( just a lil and had a hard time doing so )2 times last time being Easter Sunday. So that night I gave her some all natural colon cleanser gave her aloe Vera water she finally went poo Monday morn but still was throwing up alot so took her to the vet. (225$) this Tuesday morning got lab work ( came out good ) vet was concerned of kidney failure and of brand of treats and I find this omg

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